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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Gas Safety Device Manufacturers | Cylinder Regulator

Gas Safe is an emergency shut off valve, which cuts off supply of gas, in case of any major hazard caused in Domestic system due to either leakage of supply line from Cylinder to Gas Stove and or failure of equipment such as low pressure regulator, Gas stove etc. thus avoiding any potential gruesome accident.
In case of minor leakage, the product has the facility to do leak test check. This avoids wastage of priceless LPG; also potential major leakage is avoided by rectification of the leak The product gauge is a low level indicator of gas, which enables the customers to order the refill in time.

Main Features of Gas Safe Device:
1.      Major Leakage Auto Shut- Off Valve.
2.      Saves up to 20% of Gas.          
3.      Gas level indicator

4.      3 Years Replacement Warranty.

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